a view of the stand + kindle

I’ve had a Kindle for more than a year now, but I’ve only recently started to read books on it frequently, I used to read paperworks before that, and I still do sometimes prefer paperbooks if available. Anyways, my Kindle has helped me to fall asleep without struggling with all my thoughts, all I have to do is read until I fall asleep, so in a way, it has also been a remedy for my insomnia.

Now to read the Kindle in bed, you would have to hold it using your hands or buy a stand or make one, motivated by The Pursuit of Laziness I set to create mine, but I didn’t use a piece of steel, instead I used a single box of cardboard I had in home to create one in minutes. :D

It’s too easy to need much of an instruction, a few pictures and some explanation will do:

a view of the stand without kindle

So this part shows a simple piece of cardboard cut using scissors on the front, with the sides taped to the bottom (actually if your piece of cardboard is a box, it might already be taped in that way, mine was).

a view of the stand's back side

On the back, there is another piece of cardboard (I took the opening of it which already had a notch line, and the size fit perfectly). I used a stapler to to attach the two sides toghether, and that’s it!

I tried it last night to make sure it’s convenient before posting here, and I tell you, it is totally comfortable and much better than holding with a hand.