• train

  • see-you-later-mate

  • metal

  • mascot

  • gib-boat

  • berlin-street-2

  • berlin-skate

  • berlin-room

  • berlin-graffiti-1

  • berlin-dome-2

  • berlin-bar-2

  • statue

  • dome

  • building

  • building-3

  • oratory-3

  • oratory-2

  • oratory-1

  • famine

  • birthday

  • waterfall

  • waterfall-close

  • rocks

  • rocks-3

  • rocks-2

  • musk-ox

  • grave

  • fjord

  • cyclist-bridge

  • church-top

  • church-top-2

  • bridge

  • bird

  • victorsway

  • horse

  • rae

  • broken-statue

  • heads

  • dont-believe-in-god

  • death-kick

  • death-bed


  • banksy

  • windmill

  • windmill-inner

  • mannequin

  • boots

  • amsterdam-2


  • amsterdam-monument

  • amsterdam-canal


  • amsterdam


  • iran-girl

    Iran has always been a girl

  • iran-girl-6

    Iran has always been a girl

  • Iran has always been a girl

  • iran-girl-4

    Iran has always been a girl

  • iran-girl-3

    Iran has always been a girl

  • iran-girl-2

    Iran has always been a girl

  • trinity

    A marble in my place

  • trinity-2

    Let us gather dust

  • romeo-red

    Romeo Red

  • pierre-callum

    Skull the Pierre and Callum Wall

  • charlie-guitar


  • charlie-guitar-2


  • aoss


  • alvaro


  • woman-walking

    Daily walk

  • warthog

    Warthog family

  • warthog-together

    Warthog kisses

  • truck

    Truck fun

  • stork

    Stork with frog in beak

  • savannah-elephant

    Savannah Elephant mother and baby

  • savannah-sunrise

    Sunrise in the savannah

  • preparing-sand

    Preparing sand for construction

  • mud

    Mud bath

  • monkey


  • lizard


  • leopard

    Leopard resting on a tree

  • kids


  • hippos-chilling

    Hippos chilling on the beach

  • hippo

    Hippo on watch

  • gorilla-3

    Beautiful gorilla

  • gorilla-1

    Beautiful gorilla

  • egret

    Beside the channel

  • buffalos

    Buffalo herd

  • buffalo-mud

    Buffalo turned into statue after mud bath

  • batwa-dance-1

    Dance dance dance

  • baby-gorillas-fighting

    Baby gorillas fighting

  • baby-gorilla

    Baby gorilla

  • baboon-2


  • baboon-yawn


  • ape

    I’m watching you

  • african-kob

    African Kob

  • bird


  • nile-crocodile

    Nile Crocodile

  • treo


  • on-pelican

    On Pelican

  • seals

    Seals meetup.
    Lundy Island

  • puffin

    Somewhere in the Irish Sea.

  • pelican-of-london

    Pelican of London.

  • lundy-nature-reserve

    Lundy island nature reserve.

  • highland-cow-2

    Highland cow.
    Lundy Island

  • highland-cow-1

    Highland cow.
    Lundy Island

  • dead-baluga

    Dead Baluga.
    Lundy Island

  • crucifixion

    Crucifixion | تصلیب

  • switzerland-white-tree

    Encanto blanco.

  • mount-tibidabo-cathedral

    The Board of Catholic Knights bought the land and began construction of this cathedral atop Mount Tibidabo, as a response to rumours about a plan to build a Protestant church there.

  • milan-cathedral

    It took 579 years to build the Milan Cathedral. 1386-1965.

  • time-traveller

    Time traveller.

  • hill-of-tara

    Hill of Tara.
    Meath, Ireland.

  • the-right-way-is-the-untrodden

    The right way is the untrodden. It becomes the wrong when you step on it.

  • girl-eye-flowers-1

    A narration.

  • girl-eye-flowers-2

    A narration.

  • girl-eye-flowers-3

    A narration.

  • et-les-extremes-se-touchent

    Et les extremes se touchent.

  • punk-gangster

    Punk gangster!

  • concrete-jungle-trees

    Long trees of our concrete jungle.

  • baled-hay

    Somewhere in Ireland

  • drought-dead-statue

    Hold my hands, we take wing tonight.
    We leave nothing behind but memories.

  • sigh


  • holy-money-spitting-machine

    Holy money-spitting machine

  • girl-among-grains

    “That evening in Marienbad, said Austerlitz, I could not admit to myself how right everything Marie said was, but today I know why I felt obliged to turn away when anyone came too close to me, I know that I thought this turning away made me safe, and that at the same time I saw myself transformed into a frightful and hideous creature, a man beyond the pale.” - Austerlitz, Sabald

  • head-wall

    “I am going to put myself to sleep now for a bit longer than usual. Call it Eternity.” - Jerzy Kosinski

  • blue-contagious-smile

    A blue, contagious smile

  • grand


  • ireland-abandoned

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

  • boy.


  • history-so-close-it-comes-alive

    History so close it comes alive.

  • sky

    “At some time in the past, I thought, I must have made a mistake, and now I am living the wrong life.” - Austerlitz, Sabald

  • un-grand-peut-etre

    Un grand peut-être.

  • la-vida

    “Y la vida no es noble, ni buena, ni sagrada.” - Federico García Lorca

  • god-will-pardon-me

    “Dieu me pardonnera c’est son metier.” - Heinrich Heine

  • on-mourra-seul

    On mourra seul.

  • male-back

    “The stillness covers my ears
    Tenderly, until all sound disappears” - Tamino

  • the-night-has-descended-on-us

    The night has descended on us.

  • preparation

    “Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.” - Yeats

  • birds-in-form

    “Je finis par trouver sacre le desordre de mon esprit.” - Arthur Rimbaud

  • galileo

    “With sincere heart and unpretended faith I abjure, curse, and detest the aforesaid errors and heresies and also every other error… contrary to the Holy Church, and I swear that in the future I will never again say or assert… anything that might cause a similar suspicion toward me” - Galileo

  • organs

    At twenty, Bach made a pilgrimage of almost four hundred kilometres, on foot, to hear Buxtehude play the organ. 1705.

  • Children in Yazd

    Yazd, Iran.

  • clouds-among-rocks

    Dance of clouds.
    Killarney, Ireland.

  • deer-above

    Killarney, Ireland.

  • deer-silhouette

    Killarney, Ireland.

  • dark-street-light

    راه فرو بسته گرچه مرغ به آوا
    قالب خاموشی او صدایی گویاست
    می‌گذرد لحظه‌ها به چشمش بیدار
    پیکر او لیک سایه-روشن رویاست - سهراب

  • smell-like-trees

    “Caddy held me, she smelled like trees.” - The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner

  • i-cast-a-spell-on-the-city

    I cast a spell on the city, asking it to last.

  • tired-eyes-tired-minds-tired-souls

    With tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept.

  • sightings-from-a-dream-5

    Sightings from a dream.

  • sightings-from-a-dream-4

    Sightings from a dream.

  • sightings-from-a-dream

    Sightings from a dream.

  • sightings-from-a-dream-2

    Sightings from a dream.

  • sightings-from-a-dream-1

    Sightings from a dream.
    “Charred birds escape from the ruins, and return as cascading blood.” - Agalloch

  • drummer-vanishing


  • not-silent

    This image is not silent.

  • grey-heron-bushy-park

    Grey heron.
    Dublin, Ireland.

  • dublin-chimneys

    The Chimneys.

  • cemetery

    It’s strange how we are reminded of our mortality when something goes completely wrong.
    Mount Venus Cemetery.

  • christmas-day-homeless-man-church

    Homeless man praying in front of John’s Lane Church.
    Christmas day.

  • flamingos-iran

    Breakfast for the flamingos.
    Bandar Abbas, Iran.

  • windcatcher

    Windcatchers (Badgir بادگیر in Persian) are an old Iranian architectural element used to create all-natural ventilation in buildings and water reserves (Ab Anbar and Qanats, see third image). These marvels are so effective at cooling, they can keep water at near-freezing temperature during summer days. They are still present in Iran and in neighbouring countries.

  • darak

    Where sand dunes meet the sea.
    Darak, Sistan-o-Baluchestan, Iran.

  • darak-2

    Where sand dunes meet the sea.
    Darak, Sistan-o-Baluchestan, Iran.

  • birds-sunrise-sea-iran

    Bandar Abbas, Iran

  • jebir

    Hengam Island, Iran.

  • tabatabaei-house

    Marvels of hand.
    Kashan, Iran.

  • dog-and-puppy

    This mother and daughter were roaming the land freely, it was beautiful to watch the mother scouting the area while the puppy was playing and running around.
    Semnan, Iran

  • shepherd

    Semnan, Iran.

  • ox-bathing


  • iran-yeylaq

    Shaft, Iran.

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